Care after implant surgery

A-Avoid brushing around the operation area after implanting for one day.

B-Mouth wash up to eight hours after the surgery is not recommended.

C-It's best to use mouthwash the day after surgery. The best solution for chlorhexidine mouth wash is three times a day.

D-Drinking after surgery is easy, but in the case of eating, you should be aware that the anesthetic has lost the effect.

E-Dental implants, like natural teeth need care. Because the microbial platelets cause gum infection. Therefore, it is recommended to use interdental brushes, dental floss, toothbrushes and preferably toothpastes for implants.

F-People who use implants should avoid smoking, eating coffee and drinking tea in the first three days..

G-Generally, the use of cigarettes, drugs and alcoholic beverages reduces the success of implanting.

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